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What if you just discovered a life enhancing movement

transitioning into a New World Paradigm?

There are only two basic choices in life…GROWTH or FEAR? In order to GROW

we must remain step ahead of the crowd…Why?

“Doing what everyone else always does keeps you where everyone else always is.”

Learn to Live Life on Purpose…Become a critical link in the chain of an inspired Crew, trekking an Immortal Journey of Self Re-Discovery to reveal “The Whole” is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The starting point of this journey begins with our New Shore TRI Step process designed to evolve your Personality Into living a New Personal Reality by unveiling the mask hiding your potential inside. Your first step is P.L.A.Y., Personality Leadership Assessment Yield, to uncover potential leadership qualities.

The Universe awaits in readiness to empower you ‘to live in the fashion of what you were intended to be and do’, not how things ‘appear’ to be right now…Embark on an Immortal Journey to a world where…

  • Personal days. Prep days. Precision days is the protocol we live by. Days spent on free time, in preparation of and work focused.
  • Mates become family, dedicated to incite an influential impact on each other and the World.
  • We Play and Practice at the edge of our limits. Where we are our only competition is ourselves.
  • Laser Focused Vision with the future in mind where we create fresh new paradigms from curious minds dedicated to impact the lives of others.
  • We Apply Action not just talk.
  • We Meta-Learn from close interaction of empathetic hearts possessing a higher life standard.
  • Kin Beyond Skin collage of Individuals who respect, unselfishly inspire and support each other.
  • A Sanctuary, a symbol of care, hope, and understanding where we energize the very atmosphere and the Joy in living becomes the natural standard.

It’s right about at this point thoughts of doubt and fear followed by time and money begin to influence the decision making process. This is due to the MAZE of life-enhancing programs offered on the ‘Net’ that differ in the level of commitment, style, and price of admission.

The Great Barrier of all Reefs, with the caustic aura of Fear of Failure, erodes our self-confidence and impedes the journey to achieving our life dreams…Why? Those that Dare to be Different fear harsh judgement from their peers.

New Shore Halcyon will become what we as League co-create it to be…The most compelling reason for this Enhanced Paradigm of Community is because we live in a world that’s moved by connection. Our Crew at New Shore is composed of the synergy of that connection, empowered to create opportunity and value as we grow together. In the spirit of a collaborative effort, we turn dreams into reality and we make it our business to help others fashion theirs.

We hear about and understand the meaning behind class rank, sports rank…etc. Yet somehow, we forget about the numerous contributions made through “Community”, the selfless acts, events organized, people connected? At New Shore we recognize individual contributions. In order to perpetually raise the bar we award our own NSH Coin and entertain a Tiered Referral System designed to assist all in attaining their preferred NSH membership level.

“The Facts About One’s Environment Take a Back Seat to the ATTITUDE One Carries Towards Them…”

What if…
  • Over time an overall sense of calm and well-being began to envelop you and your family?
  • This concept over-delivered value?
  • The “Avatar” you’ve worn most of your life faded way and birthed a new Personal Reality?
  • An opportunity emerged to turn dreams into reality?

Post Mortem: How can this program fail?

    • Looking for a quick-fix.
    • < 100% committed to stand out from the ‘crowd’ because of unwillingness to perform the necessary steps to ensure success.

Our Commitment to You

We are a Laser-Focused League on a Momentous and Immortal Journey using our Universal Right of FREE WILL to inspire change in our World. Decide Once and Forever to get off life’s merry-go-round and “Invest in Yourself” to create the life you deserve by taking Simple Daily Steps in a collaborative effort toward a restructured life.

‘You may pay more than you thought, but you’ll get more than you paid for’… 


  • T.O.M.~Thoughts and Opinion Milieu. Local presentations/events on a bi-weekly/monthly basis designed to grow our membership.
  • W.E.S.T. Summit~Wealth Enhancement Specialist Training*. A “Contrarian” Macroeconomic approach to optimal investment strategies conducted on a quarterly/semi-annual basis for the creation of multiple income streams aka, “Mail Box Money”.
  • N.S.F.F.~ Freedom Fund. Our New Shore Halcyon Community income fund incorporated to provide a tax-free nation.
  • C.L.C.~Summit~Crew League Conference* (TBA) Members gather quarterly/semiannually/annually to attend this milieu which will include guest speakers with a divergent-minded viewpoint presenting on the foremost categories of life’s essentials…Spirituality, Mind-Body, Relationships, Finances and Career.
  • N.P.U.A.~Ne PLus Ultra Award~Philanthropic and New Paradigm Business concepts award. Teams advance in rank and qualify for New Shore Halcyon investment bursaries approved by our BOD.
  • H.M.F.~Halcyon Mastermind Forum~A quarterly gathering of our most creative minds and N.P.U.A award winners.
  • J.A.I~ Jay Abraham Institute, Elite School of Business, Marketing and Life Values.(proposed to Jay Abraham for approval)
*Symposiums offer extracurricular activities in Mother Nature and guided instruction on preventative health measures which follow Ancient protocols and practices including but not limited to Qigong, Tabata, Yoga, Body-Sync,Tai Chi, and Chinese Energy Healing.

“Build it and they will come” We would add…

“Make it compelling enough and they will stay…”

The journey toward an Immortal Finish Line keeps us in ‘Constant Approach’, because that is its purpose. We live in a Perpetual State of Becoming more…or less…its always our choice that determines the outcome.

It’s time to make this your Defining Moment. Upgrade Your Life and commit yourself to creating a New Life Reality

As Kin Beyond Skin we provide a place to begin…Shanghai some friends and join our Cohesive League of Inspired Crew Mates to experience it for yourself and Accelerate your Life

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