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“Transforming Earth Culture into a Breakaway Civilization Living a New
Paradigm in a New Era of Humanity.”

Foundational Beliefs

Pillar I. Belonging

Unique personalities count as we grow, fall and learn to help pick each other back up.

Pillar II.. Purpose

Your unique strengths serve others…share them.

Pillar III. Transcendence

Living in the joy of the doing elevates well-being to a higher level of consciousness.

Pillar IV. Story Telling

There are no random events, stories are useful and need to be told.

Benefits of Belonging

“The vast majority of the most successful and influential figures of history
became so due to the friendships they established.”

The Community Culture Commitment to grow together, permits a most empowering Unified Interdependent Consciousness. The Mind Body Connection is now Scientific Fact. When applied to Community it becomes a powerfully energized and collaborative environment where everyone is leading…

New Shore Halcyon offers a Sanctuary, a symbol of care, hope and well being where unique personalities energize the very atmosphere and the Joy in living becomes a daily experience.

We live in a world that’s moved by connection, placing more emphasis on the importance of Community. We envision our Crew as the synergy of that connection.
New paradigms succeed because the wisest people embrace the opportunity to leverage the Power of Community. It takes a unique type of character, commitment and dedication to embrace the need for change.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder, and CEO of Virgin…
“It’s always good to have a helping hand at the start. No matter how incredibly smart you think you are, or how brilliant, disruptive or plain offthe-wall, your new concept might be, every start-up team needs at least one good mentor.”
…or better yet, “through the Power of Community where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.”

Community Mentorship provides an Exponential Advantage because it draws from a “collective experience”, literally folding the time it takes to arrive at your destination, by not repeating the mistakes of others.

Live with Purpose

The New Shore Halcyon awaits in readiness to empower those willing “To live in the fashion they were intended to.”

Daily protocol involves Prep Days, in preparation of, Purpose Days, work focus, designed to enjoy Personal Days Off…no work, no Prep…Period. We hear about and understand the meaning behind class rank, sports rank, military rank, etc. Yet somehow, we forget about the unique and selfless-acts invested in Contributions Made Through Community…

NSH recognizes and awards these contributions as they empower others
to deliver exponential change to Humanity.


Consider this analogy…

When two atoms or people come together they form an energy field of information. Sharing of information occurs where they overlap and establish common ground creating a Resonant Field. This field charges the energy or ideas to form a molecule or conceptual idea. Imagine what happens when you take that idea and add more molecules or individuals with similar interests, ie: Community?

They create a chemical, in the case of the group of individuals, a sharing of that field of encompassed energy or information. The incurring interaction forms or organizes them into strategic groups. Each sharing an interdependent responsibility of the whole, encompassing each aspect of the overall goal or concept in order to bring it to fruition. The energy consciousness created is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Story telling

Adversity Builds Identity…
Adversity drives us out to seek meaning to expose our true identity amid life’s confusion and sometimes chaotic nature.

“To forge identity is to have the courage to expose your true self, and to build identity is to change the world.” Stories are the foundation of identity, they must be told. Society wants you to fit in and be like everyone else, who they think they are, but they are not…they just think they are. So be yourself because it’s the only thing you can be. It will be enough if you let it.

“Eliminate the who’s, what’s and where’s holding you back in life. Define who you are not and you will discover who you really are.” Mathew McConaughey.

Our Commitment to You…

NSH will exponentially “Over-Deliver” value on every Level of membership…


  • TOM, Thoughts and Opinion Milieu. Local presentations, events held on a bi-weekly/monthly basis designed to share our membership.
  • World Class Managed NSHFF provides a subsidized cost of living plus a quarterly Lifestyle Income Supplement (LIS) to qualified Members including additional unparalleled benefits.
  • Wealth Enhancement Specialist Training (WEST). A macroeconomic approach providing Contrarian Investment Strategies.
  • Living Intentionally For Excellence (LIFE). Contrarian lifestyle essentials, Spirituality, Mind-Body connection, Relationships, Finances and Career among others.
  • Ne Plus Ultra Awards (NPUA) Philanthropic and New Paradigm Business concepts awarded via community vote.
  • PMF, Preeminence Mastermind Forum, a gathering of our most creative minds, NPUA award winners.
  • JAI, Jay Abraham Institute of Elite School of Business, Marketing and Life Values.(Abraham Group approval)
  • BPB, Business Partnership Bursaries. Awarded to NPUA award winner finalists via Community vote.
  • Didactic-U, meaning To Teach. Our online or Community grounds Contrarian Edification centre for a new world
  • Alternative Centre of Healing and Education (ACHE). We instruct and perform Ancient and scientifically proven modern day modalities.
  • Knowledge Centres and Coherence Zones are conveniently located throughout the grounds keeping you at the cutting edge of new and uplifting learning.

*Symposium extra curricular activities provide guided instruction on Ancient and Modern Day preventative health measures and various Arts immortalized through history and science.

“The Facts About One’s Environment take a back seat to the Attitude One Carries Towards Them…”

The journey toward an Immortal Finish Line keeps us in “Constant Approach” because that is its purpose. Life is a Perpetual State of Becoming…More or less by choice. The Universal right of Freewill grants us the power of choice to ride the perpetual “Ferris-wheel-merry-go-round-ride” or get off. As Kin Beyond Skin we provide a place to begin…Shanghai some friends and make this your life’s Defining Moment.

Step forward and Upgrade Your Life, a New Reality awaits.…

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