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Our Mission is to Undertake an Inspirational and Immortal Journey to Forge an Identity through a Collaborative Effort, Thereby Unveiling a Universally Accepted Standard for the New World Paradigm of Community.

“As an individual or member of our crew, we are what we grow beyond. This is the primary virtue of all Masters.”

A Solid Foundation to Build Upon

Our Life Pillars

Pillar 1. Belonging~Being valued not for who we are expected to be, but actually for who we are and cultivating that with others.

Pillar 2. Purpose~Everyone is an expert at something. Let us utilize our strengths to inspire others to help themselves. 

Pillar 3. Transcendence~Living in the Joy of what we are fashioned to do we lose all perspective of time and space, leaving us feeling connected to a higher reality. 

Pillar 4. Story Telling. Redefine yourself, embrace life’s painful memories, learn from them and change your life story birthing a New Personality and New Personal Reality.

To live in the Joy of what we are fashioned to do we commit to incite positive change in those willing to help themselves become an integral link in the chain of a growth-minded socially coherent Community.

Adversity Builds Identity

Adversity drives us out to seek meaning and exposes our true identity in a revolution of the power of discovery amid life’s confusion and sometimes chaotic nature.

Commitment to Community Culture permits us to draw and provide strength in one of the most empowering ways.

“Forge meaning, to build an identity.”~Andrew Solomon.

Stories are the foundation of our identity, they must be told. To forge identity is to have the courage to expose your true self, and to build identity is to change the world.

Our League at NS is determined to become the pinnacle of human expression in support of our immortal journey. We choose to live a joy-filled life by doing what we were created to do. And not by the way society envisions us to be or become.

Changing the words we use, even in the slightest manner, changes the context and then our perception. This creates a domino effect on our thoughts and the actions we take which embody the power to literally change our future.

“Eliminate the who’s, what’s and where’s holding you back in life. Define who you are not and you will discover who you really are.” ~Mathew McConaughey.

Many begin the journey of their ideal life dream with an egocentric attitude of becoming “self-made.” This one idea alone of has decimated the vast majority of budding entrepreneurs lives worldwide.

Benefits of Belonging that immediately come to mind is the opportunity to heighten your personal and professional image for potential career advancement and for potential investment opportunities.

However, the number one advantage may be in all the growing together and learning from one another in a community of “Divergent and Inspired open minds living in the Present Moment”. Where we…Trust in each other…In all ways…At all times.

Many great ideas fail because many of the smartest people do not embrace the opportunity to leverage the Power of Community. Did you know that the majority of millionaires today became so in their 60’s…

Today’s “answer buttons” come from the inspiration of being in the presence and energy of a group of inspired individuals.

How about an inspiring quote from Sir Richard Branson, Founder, and CEO of Virgin…

“It’s always good to have a helping hand at the start. No matter how incredibly smart you think you are, or how brilliant, disruptive or plain off-the-wall, your new concept might be, every start-up team needs at least one good mentor.”

We would like to enhance that statement by adding… “through the power of Community where the sum total of potential mentor is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Community mentorship means eliminating the same mistakes that could potentially throw you off track and eventually derail your unique idea and success potential.

It’s been stated many times, “the vast majority of the most successful and influential figures of history became so due to the friendships they established”…some even intimate.

Do you tire of the perpetual daily life “Ground Hog Day” type merry-go-round we all feel stuck in?

Integrate with our New Shore Community and Fast Track to an Empowered Life!

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