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You have discovered a ‘Birthing’ Start-Up and ground floor opportunity to Enhance, Regenerate and Co-create the current Paradigm of Community.

Join a League of Synergistic, Divergent-Minded Crew Members, ‘egos’ in check as we journey an immortal finish-line to establish this fresh new Concept World-Wide!

We provide a place to begin, no matter what your current circumstance, whether it be time or money related.

Our mandate is to initiate the life-enhancing change through daily practice of our exciting NEW eWorkbook entitled, “Daydream Journal“, Fail-Safe Guide To Self Re-discovery’.

The emerging New Personality may wish to embrace an opportunity to enrol in our League of socially coherent Lodestars where individual stories become a metaphor for life.

Listen to your inner compass and think of New Shore as a ‘Beacon’ serving to navigate the brain-fog of life, where support knows no boundary and transforms lives…

Step I. Enrolment…Sign up to receive our Life Trek blog/newsletter including regular New Shore Halcyon progress updates.

Step II. Initiation…L.E.A.D., our leadership excellence assessment and development survey is a requirement for crew enrolment.

Step III. Transformation…Enact dramatic change in your life and Evolve your Personality to create a New Personal Reality… our New-Shore Daydream Journey.

Our New-Shore Daydream Journey eWorkbook is offered separately or combined with our Crew Membership. You may choose to Publish for Profit your self-journaled progress upon completion…assistance provided.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
-MLK Jr.

Conformity, past down through the generations is rooted deeply in humanity. And it’s been socially ingrained into our very being, leaving us unprepared to face the real world we assimilate into. Many have lost the ambition it takes for growth due to circumstances they feel are beyond their control.

Here at New Shore Halcyon we take each step together along a Spiritualnon religious path. Dare to be ORIGINAL and chance becoming an ‘outcast’ of societies norm.


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