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“The most important survival skill for the next 50 years isn’t what you think…it’s getting to know yourself.” – GQ Magazine
The fortunate begin life following their inspirations, harmonized with their essence and with feet planted firmly on the ground. The rest adopt Other People’s Beliefs based upon limited conclusions automatically reacting to life, caught up in an infinite loop of survival.
In all reality, your life is a Motion Picture, with you in the starring role, accompanied by family members and friends as co-stars. Right from the womb, you have been influenced by this group that shaped your life. Repetitive behaviours and feelings created life circumstances birthed by thoughts that play perpetually in your mind creating the life you live. 
Think hard on this…Who we choose as friends is our TOP PRIORITY, as they unknowingly help us create our own unique personality and therefor the reality we live.
Our NSH Three Step Process could be the Missing Link to bridge the gap between the HAVES AND HAVE NOT’S. Be believe it holds the potential to create that New Personality to transform lives and reinforce the necessary beliefs for an Abundant and Prosperous Life…
Change your Personality, Change your Present Personal Reality
                                                                                     Prepare to Hit the Reset Button and Rediscover Your Self
      DAYDREAM JOURNAL: A Road Less Travelled               THE QUEST: Your Fail Safe Guide to Self Re-Discovery
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