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“We have to move forward, going backwards is not an option and standing still is not enough.”

The New Shore Halcyon NSH preemptive approach for an Enhanced Paradigm for Community is formulated as an “Interdependent ‘co-created’ collaborative process” insuring our prosperity and longevity.

NSH is destined to become the thriving “Preeminent Identity” for a New Motherland Paradigm of “tax-free zone”, self-sustainable “Green” retreat membership as we evolve a New Era of Humanity while simultaneously birthing “Virtuous New World Leaders”. We will accomplish this via…

  • High calibre “Power Partnerships and Strategic Alliances” with Iconic Personalities provide instant credibility.
  • We will captivate Worldwide attention as we become the “Preeminent Centre of Education and Healing” on the planets future new “Blue Zone”.
  • Member Assist Reward System MARS will provide a “Level Playing Field” via our exclusive New Shore Halcyon Digital currency referral bonus.


The current upheaval in politics, religion, societies and cultures indicate a New World Transition is underway and will be at the forefront of change in Humanity. It’s also no secret the “AI Singularity Effect” will dramatically affect and potentially eliminate well over 90% of the jobs on our planet.

Prepare to breathe life into something new…
Step I. Insight

Life Trek blog directed to Life Trek/Life Hacks page. (include a sign up template on the page).

Step II. Initiation

LEAD & RMET are a mandatory requirement for Crew membership.  Please Connect with us to receive the assessment tests.

Step III. Transcendence

Once we have reviewed your submissions in Step II you will be offered a selection of programs in order to revitalize your life and the life you live through your True Identity.

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