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VIP Vault access for a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to achieve the Worlds most sought after dream…

Financial Freedom and Independence via Multiple Mailbox Money Income Streams and 

the overall health and well-being Strategic Partnerships and Alliances afford…

Legal Compliance…

The New Shore Halcyon NSH Membership Indemnity Cause is a Legal and Binding Agreement to ensure 95% of all revenue generated through New Shore Halcyon LLC, including, Strategic Alliances, Power Partnerships, Member enrolments, service or product offerings, gifts or funds raised for the purpose of bringing NSH to fruition be held in “Trust” until our “vested” Board Of Director is indoctrinated.

NSH BOD will establish and enact our Standard Operating Procedures. Upon Judicial Approval, a feasibility study will be undertaken to move forward with construction of NSH “Ring City”. Our BOD will negotiate Power Partnerships, Strategy Alliances and enact Strategic Niche Marketing Programs targeted to exponentially enhance our membership base

Interdependent member collaboration will be in the best interest of our Community and will help dramatically move our Community project forward…Member Assist Referral System is a custom designed member incentive which awards NSH Bitcoins and provides an even playing field for our membership.


I. Deck Hand:Gratis.

NSH inspiring breakthroughs and updates via our “Life Trek” blog. MARS referral NSH Bitcoin bonus qualified.
Option to purchase NSH “Coaster” business cards.

II. First Mate: $4.95 monthly membership cancellable anytime.

As above plus Free download of our eBook, “The Quest…Your Failsafe Guide to Self Re-Discovery.” Optional non-prorated upgrade to Crew Mate within the first six months.
NSH Game Changer product and service pricing.
Annual Heart Math membership (Non refundable).

Set of 20 NSH “Coaster” business cards.
Quarterly postcard mail-out discount offers on NSH seminars and Contrarian life enhancement programs.

III. Crew Mate: $119.00 Annual auto-renewable membership (pro-rated refund cancellation).

As above plus fee applied optional quarterly instalments.
Prorated Membership upgrade to Crew Master.
MARS referrals in good standing qualify for seminar discounts. Special Crew discounts in our ‘Game Changer’ section of the website. Right to vote for the 2 year term appointed Board of Directors. Ancient Civilization Off-Grid Guided tours. subscription

IV. Crew Master: $1995.00 Lifetime membership.

As above plus free admission and guest discounted seminars.
Optional non prorated upgrade to Helmsman status within first year. Optional participation in our New Shore Financial Freedom Fund (NSHFF)* Member start-up investment option.
Encrypted cell phone, mail and internet service.
NSH custom designed and affordable accommodations.

Land based.
Aquatic based. Live-aboard-watercraft. Ring City accommodations.

V. Helmsman: $9995.00 Life Time Membership (Directors/Founders)*

Founding members agree to transfer private investment portfolios, bound by our LLC to be deemed Legal Indemnified Community Contributions (LICC) for reinvestment into NSHFF.
LICC will provide a highly subsidized cost of living, quarterly Lifestyle Income Supplement (LIS). Free education and medicare via our NSHFF, Power Partnerships and Strategic Alliances will be provided to qualifying residents.

Emigration to NSH City will require a complete PAP, “Pre-arrival Physical” including valid medical insurance in order to qualify for free medical coverage.
Founding member initial LICC and LIS will be protected by our Generational Grandfather Clause. The LLIC may be terminated at any time resulting in immediate relinquishment of all related assets, outstanding LIS income including all rights and privileges.

All NSHFF participants enjoy an equivalent rate of return based upon the original and subsequent investments.

As above plus:

  1. Exclusive residency option, Ring City Penthouse Suites.
Exclusive investment option in Member Preeminence Mastermind Team Power Partner Start Ups.
  3. Option to participate in our future International NSH Mastermind Conference*.
  4. NSH Board member eligibility.

*NSH Standard Operating Procedures.

Please check your email communique for our “Welcome to the New Shore Halcyon Community.” to complete the initiation process

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