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Your VIP ‘Skelton key’ access to a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity of co-creating the worlds most sought after dream…

The peace and security solidified through Multiple Income Streams aka “Mail-Box Money”

Providing Incalculable Financial Freedom and Independence…


NSH Membership Indemnity Cause provides a Legal and Binding Trust to ensure 95% of all revenues generated by New Shore Halcyon Inc. including but not limited to: membership enrolment, service or product offerings, gifts or funds raised for the purpose of bringing the entity to fruition be legally held in trust until a Member Approved and “Vested” Board of Directors are elected.

The B.O.D. will establish and enact our New Shore Halcyon SOP*, Standard Operating Procedures. Upon Court Approval we will undertake a cost analysis feasibility study in order to justify moving forward with the construction process of New Shore Halcyon.

It is in the “Vested” interest of our Community to assist in Vision 2020 via referrals. Our B.O.D. will enact Strategic ‘Niche Market’ Programs targeted to supplement our membership efforts. This interdependent relationship will substantially alleviate and/or dramatically overcome the withheld 5% ‘Investment’ to move the project forward…

The added incentive of MRS*, our Multi-tiered Referral System will reward our membership with NSH Coins*.

VIP points to consider offered in our Standard Operating Procedures…

  1. NSH Inc Revenues* will be re-invested in support of our self-sustained and financially interdependent Community.
  2. New Start-up Investment Partnerships* (NSIP) will be offered to qualifying* Enhanced Paradigm Business Concepts, reviewed and approved by our NSH Board of Directors. They will then be voted upon by our Community membership. N.S.I.P. profits will be reinvested in our New Shore Freedom Fund (NSFF).
  3. NSFF Quarterly dividend*, a variable annual percentage awarded based upon NSFF profitability.
  4. FFMA, ‘Family or Friends’ Membership Attainment fund option. Personal investment portfolio’s managed by our NSFF advisors for the legally documented purpose of future New Shore Halcyon residency.
  5. MRS Multi-tier Referral System: The awarded coins are intrinsically value-anchored to NSFF performance. The coins may be digitized for Halcyon Ground Transactions or deposited into your New Shore Freedom Fund Personal Investment Portfolio acting as an additional revenue stream to enhance your NSFF Quarterly Dividend.
  1. NSH Accommodations for Life Time Members*
    • Full payment/price discount option plus monthly Community Upkeep Fee*, (CUF) including administration costs.
    • Negotiated lease term* plus CUF including administration costs.

Note: Refer to SOP for resale or default regulations.

  1. Equal voting rights. Caveat: Each NSH Award of Excellence Talisman provides an additional vote privilege*.
  2. DTC, our NSH Digital Transaction Card is the exclusive modem for all business and retail exchange on NSH grounds.

Note: Transaction ‘over payments’ will be directly deposited into the Member’s NSH Digital Account or Non-member room reservation account via a Blockchain Distributed Ledger* for data accuracy, real-time tracking and transparent audibility.

  1. NSFF withdrawals will be automatically ‘digitized” to your Member DTC*. Currency exchange rates and fees applied.
  2. Our first 1000 memberships enrolled enjoy a lifetime 25% discount off Annual Memberships.

*New Shore Halcyon SOP, Standard Operating Procedures.


I. Deck Hand: Free. NSH announcements and updates through our Life Trek Blog. Sign up required.

II. First Mate: $4.95 monthly membership cancellable anytime*

  1. Regular NSH updates through our Life Trek Blog. Sign up required.
  2. Free download of our eBook, “The Quest…The Road Less Travelled.”(Value $12.95)
  3. Option to upgrade to Crew Mate status within the first year. 50% of paid membership fee applied.
  4. Advancement to Crew Mate Status via new member REP, Referral Enrolment Program.  (TBA)
  5. REP will be awarded Bonus NSH ‘Coins’. Tiered accordingly, through elevated discount levels with possible FREE annual renewal. (TBA)

III. Crew Mate: $119.00 Annual auto-renewable membership (non-refundable). Includes all applicable benefits above.

  1. Annual membership. Optional quarterly installments, fee applied.
  2. Lifetime Prorated Membership upgrade to Crew Master (TBA).
  3. Referrals in good standing qualify for seminar discounts. (TBA)
  4. Special Crew discounts in our ‘Game Changer’ section of the website.
  5. Right to vote for the 2 year term appointment of our Board of Directors, indirectly navigating the ship to create and enact New Shore Policy.

IV. Crew Master: $1995.00 Lifetime membership. Includes all applicable benefits above plus…

  1. Free admission and guest discount conference/seminar price* (price based upon the event)
  2. Ancient Civilization Off-Grid Guided Tours.
  3. Optional participation in our F.F.F. New Shore Financial Freedom Fund.*
  4. Exclusive option to invest in Member start-ups*
  5. Option to own New Shore Halcyon uniquely designed and affordable ground accommodations, live-aboard-watercraft or ocean accommodations with optional crystal clear High Density Polymer floors.
  6. Optional upgrade to Helmsman status within first year. Full annual membership applied.

V. Helmsman: $9995.00 one time fee Life Time Membership (Directors/Founders)

VIP Note: Helmsmen I and II memberships differentiate in member benefits only. Helmsmen Level II agree to Halcyon property ownership and the complete assignment of personal Investment portfolios over to our NSFF, New Shore Freedom Fund administrated by our High Profile Team Advisors.

Helmsmen Level II enjoy an elevated rate of return generated from our NSH quarterly NSFF dividend pool. An additional ‘potential’ future benefit will be free Extended Healthcare Benefits* for immediate family members.

Includes all Crew Master and above privileges plus:

    1. Exclusive option to own one of our Modern Founder Quarters Penthouse Suites.*
    2. Exclusive option to invest in Board approved member Start Ups.*
    3. Participate in a higher quarterly F.F.F. dividend pool.*
    4. Option to participate in our future International NSH Mastermind Conference*.
    5. Elected Board member eligibility.

Note 1: In the event of a member Honour Code default, our NSH B.O.D. if deemed necessary, will immediately suspend all privileges and begin to adjudicate the disposal of any and all personal assets including personal NSH property and NSH investments.

Note 2: All invited Conference or Seminar guests are required to complete the NSH Pre-Personality Assessment.

*Details found in our NSH S.O.P., Standard Operating Procedures and sub section AIOS, Asset Investment Operations Section.

Please check your email for our Welcome to the New Shore Halcyon Community Communique, providing further instructions to complete the initiation process.

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