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  • Pyramid Epicentre. Convention revenues and amenities include Techlite acoustics technology. All private room accommodations are equipped with Silentium Personal Sound Bubble (PSB™) providing “absolute” silence for a restful night’s sleep.
  • NSH Coliseum dome stadium. International Live events.
  • Didactic Activity Centre of Knowledge DACK. (online and NSH ground lectures on recreational and preventative health measures of Ancient and Modern modalities…)
  • Unified Field Heart Coherence Zones are lighted structures infused with sensor technology that increase in luminosity as group coherence resonates as a whole. Free to all.
  • Alternative Centre of Healing and Education clinic (ACHE), Ancient and Peer Reviewed Science Verified Technologies and Methodologies. Procedures and Instruction presented by accredited physicians, doctors and guest speakers of both Ancient and Modern day modalities.
  • Protocols in health and healing include but are not limited to Qigong, Tabata, Tai Chi, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Acupressure, Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Chinese energy medicine,Yoga, Aikido and performing Arts.
  • Bio-available “IFoam” Standard Organic Supplements.
  • Live Coherence Healing and Mediation Clinics instructed by World Renowned Speakers.
  • Bio-Well Chakra Scanner and Sound Healing Boutique Clinic offering technologically advanced “PEMF”** technology. (TBA)
  • NSH Amphitheater for various milieus including entertainment, presentations, awards and announcements.
  • NSH Preeminent Mastermind Forum, team building for unique business concepts for potential investment opportunities.(Online and Halcyon grounds)
  • Vintage International Nectar Experience (VINE), NSH wine tasting centre and bistro underground cave cellar*. Strategic Alliance with International vineyards to rebrand our own NSH wines. Our exclusive signature wines offer low calorie, alcohol and sugar content with higher Reservatrol phytonutrient levels than other wines providing increased health benefits.*Cave atmosphere wine cellar concept: A unique natural and science-backed process of aging wines, boasting a 15% reduction in loss prevention through evaporation competitive price advantage. (Guided cellar tours to entice wine sales.)
  • NSH Galley Restaurant and Bar (partially submerged with sails designed to adjust as protection from the elements. Below deck tempered glass windows and floors offering the ambiance of the undersea world.
  • Multi-level Golf Dome Driving Range. Upper level catered meeting rooms available (Member/non member pricing, book for meetings and events)
  • NSH Drive In. (Future TBA addition) The screen will be enclosed inside a dome-type amphitheatre. 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Muscle Car body’s with original sound effects will be stationed throughout the Drive-in. Online Pre-booking or NSH app. Note: Rollerblading waitresses enhance the aesthetics of a 60’s style Drive-in and Diner.
  • Didactic U, our contrarian curriculum “Edification for a New World”. (Online and on Halcyon grounds)

NSH Amenities:

  • Aqueduct rooftop water slides for an exhilarating Category Five ride into the Ocean…
  • Surfing, Parasailing and Windsurfing instruction.
  • Theme Cafes, Bistros, Diners and Clubs offering “Signature Live Performances” and daily menu specials.
  • Ancient civilization symbolism will enamour Halcyon grounds.
  • Special Ancient civilization off-grid all-inclusive guided tours. (TBA)
  • Philanthropic Team Participation groups, P.T.P. attend our “Above and Beyond” annual award of excellence gala.
  • Talismans awarded for random acts of kindness and courage gain automatic “Above and Beyond” attendance.
  • Certified instruction for all water/mountain sports with the appropriate gear and accessories will be provided.
  • Shipwreck style beverage centres grounded across our beaches will be attended by our beach bunny and stud hosts.
  • Indigenous palm tree beach umbrellas and chairs will decorate the perimeter of our beaches.
  • Island style pool with swim up beverage bar served by our beach-clad roller blading mermaids and Chip n’ Dale studs.
  • Pre-programmed 24-hour TV, documented series of members’ personal life transition.
  • Bike, Moped and Golf Cart rentals provided for independent travel to local amenities.
  • Resort-wide “Oasis” Structured Waterholes. Water designed by Mother Nature.
  • Zip-lines (where applicable)
  • Mountain cliff swings (where applicable)
  • Monorail, Rickshaw and Barouche transit.
  • Master and Command your own ship with accredited Sailing Lesson instruction.
  • New Shore greenhouses will provide organic year round organic produce to be freeze dried utilizing a 20-year nutrition-retention process. Members are encouraged to use our “Tower Garden” technology to grow their own fruits, vegetables & herbs.
  • Man-made ecosystems arranged throughout the grounds.
  • The Tree of 40 Fruit…yes you read that right..enhance the ambience of our NSH grounds.
  • Wind chimes, whistling tree frogs and Himalayan Rock Crystals accentuate Halcyon grounds.
  • Niles high tech audio systems landscape friendly units. Retreat-wide positioning.
  • Halcyon Grounds Sugar Shack Snack Kiosks utilizing food and drink products following ‘IFOAM’ The International World Organic Standard*
  • NSH Unified Field Wellness Spa
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides, Jet Ski, Amphibious Sub Surface Watercraft.
  • More TBA…

Note: NSH Open Offer Clause encourages you to share unique ideas to enhance the New Shore Halcyon experience.

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