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Life’s precious gift is FREE WILL…We Get To Choose!

This provides two results…either you control your life or life controls you.

Life circumstances are the direct result of the choices we make which determine the actions we take…or don’t take.

The “Quick Fix” mentality creates victims of circumstance and blame when we blindly adopt Other Peoples Beliefs.

The majority blame the economy, bad luck and poor upbringing, etc.

This does not have to be your destiny…We at New Shore discover an abundance of opportunity all around us!

How? We Collaborate, Learn, Grow, and Pay-It-Forward. We’re all in this together…

Fatalists do not exist in New Shore.

“Eliminate the who’s, what’s and where’s holding you back in life. Define who you are not and you will discover who you really are.” ~Mathew McConaughey.

So if you don’t like your life…If you don’t like your body…If you don’t like your relationship you can change or…end-it.

To accomplish the HOW is to take corrective action through the Strength and Honour in and of Yourself by following the daily practice of our New Shore Two Step Process.

What’s our point here? The Concept of New Shore is designed to “set-you-up” for a better life and belonging, and more enriched relationships through the Connection offered through Community… Its really…totally up to YOU!

We leave you now with this old but relevant anecdote:

Two young Indian braves wanted to embarrass the wise medicine man in their village. So they decided to take a small bird and hold it in their hands behind their backs. Then they would ask the wise man whether the bird was alive – or dead. Whichever he answered, they planned on embarrassing the wise man. If he said it was alive – they’d break the bird’s neck before they held it out. So when the braves went to ask the wise man whether the bird being held behind their backs was alive or dead, he simply replied “The answer lies in YOUR hands.”

YES! But I don’t have the

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