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Conceptional Model

New Shore ‘Halcyon’, An Interdependent Community Identity: calm, peaceful, happy, golden, joy-filled, prosperous and affluent.

Dr. Martin Luther King gave the immortal “I have a Dream”,
not “I have a plan” speech… Dreams change the course of history.

What if you could Change the Story of Who You Are simply by enlisting in a League of like-minded and inspired individuals growing-together, colour blind to race, ego’s in check, seeking to Build a Better World?

Become an integral component of this Transcendental Journey. HIT THE RESET BUTTON…Grab this opportunity with both hands and Contribute in a Direct and Meaningful Way!

Help us generate perpetual waves of momentum as we Navigate Our Course to Freedom and Independence sharing our belief in a Birthing New Paradigm of Community with those longing for a “Joy-Filled and Abundant Life.”

Close your eyes and Drift Away into a Fantasy World enriched in a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colours, nestled inside the solitude of Self-Sustainability, Companionship and Equal Rights.

A place where FREEDOM of CHOICE is as real as the essence of a salty ocean breeze along wave-lapped Aswan Blue Water Shores of a pearl sand beach, draped in sun-filled skies where sunglasses, sandals and shorts are the daily wear of choice.

Or maybe its the refreshing ambiance of Mountain Fresh Air with its moderate year-round-temperatures amid Breath Taking and Awe-Inspiring Sun Rises and Sunsets.

Join our Laser Focused League of Inspired and Altruistic Crew Members on a new life direction as we LEARN and GROW TOGETHER integrating future New Shore Halcyon Communities World-Wide.

Help co-create and perpetually enhance the environment we live and transform lives with abundant health, wealth, spiritual enlightenment and overall well-being.

Our Unique TRI-STEP PROCESS will reveal who you are not In order to Discover Who You Really Are. Eliminate the distractions of excess options like people, places and things that hold you back and Find Yourself Where You Need to be.

Commit to GO-ALL-IN or die trying and transformation is virtually Imminent!

We are NEW SHORE ‘HALCYON’a calm, peaceful, happy, golden, joy-filled prosperous and affluent League Identity.

Envision yourself strolling along the concourse of a One of a Kind Community Retreat amidst a multitude of uniquely styled Dome Homes enveloped by aesthetically pleasing amenities bridging open bodies of sparkling crystal clear blue water enroute to a Pyramid Epicentre.

New-Shore Halcyon Communities will ‘seed’ Mother Earth’s new “BLUE ZONES”, destined to become the Ultimate World-Wide Gathering Portals for education, ethical business practise, spiritually enhanced events, healing, performing arts and philanthropy.

Mentored instruction in the subtle energy of Mother Nature and her Unifed Field will pave the way to transform every event into the Fun-Filled JOY of Human Synergy, naturally designed to incite Overall Spiritual-Well-Being and Harmony.

Immortal Ancient Arts and Technologies will solidify the standard of transition for our NSH ‘Body-Sync’ Regimen, complimented by the ‘Elemental-U’ of Science-based Inner Healing and Meditation techniques.

On Shore/Off Shore NSH Crew Symposiums will captivate and ignite World-Wide interest in our New Paradigm:

  • Local presentations/events will share our story and attract like-minded and inspired mates into our NSH Culture.
  • New Shore Online Coherence Forums in collaboration to birth worldwide enhancement and to establish Perpetual Multiple Income Streams or “Mail-Box Money” for the overall sustainment of Community well-being.
  • International Summit Sessions will include Guest Speakers/Potential Mentors invited to collaborate on various aspects of Life. Session free time will find us creating lifelong friendships while experiencing the enjoyment of local indigenous activities. WHAT IF it were possible to attend these International Milieus admission-free?

Crew Member Privileges guarantee to Over-Deliver WOW with no less than 13 Unique Ground Venues, 25 Distinct Amenities and 7 Forever Promises of Lifetime Membership.

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