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Conceptional Model

Martin Luther King gave the immortal
“I have a Dream”, not “I have a plan” speech. …Dreams change the course of history.

Close your eyes and envision a kaleidoscopic ocean sky nestled over a New World Homeland affording the peace and tranquility of self-sustainability, companionship and equal rights. A sense of overall well-being envelopes you and your attention immediately spans an Epic Gateway aligned with Stone Obelisks and senses a warm and heartfelt greeting.

Your New Shore Halcyon emissary awaits at the Gate House Terminal for personal verification and presents you with your ID Transaction Card (IDTC) for exclusive use at all Resort and Retreat wide services and venues.

Solar Rail Transport whisks you to our NSH lobby emissaries where you are greeted by empathetic hearts eager to provide a seamless and timely reservation process and ready to field any unanswered questions our pre-mailed guide book may have left unaddressed.

Our Halcyon Concierge Team await your luggage and reservation requirements. Once addressed, you are guided to our all glass exterior ocean view VIP “Lift” ready to rise upward to your Fantasy Theme Room level.

Comfortably acclimated VIP awaits your command, enroute to our roof-top community biodiverse greenhouse, promenade where HPT is ready to tour you on a complete full spectrum perspective of our awe-inspiring World Renown Community Resort and Retreat. For those previously acclimated visitors or members our NSH Transport and Gear Centre (TGC) Priority One Safety accredited maintenance technicians await eagerly to assist with your choice optional modes of transportation.

Prior to arrival you downloaded your personal emissary and guide (PEG) Navigation App enabling you armed and ready to begin the Experience of a Lifetime…walk, cycle, moped, rickshaw, carriage-ride or board our Virgin Group Hyperlink Pod Transport (HPT) to your preferred destination.

HPT circumferential speed viewing spans a panoramic spectacular dreamland and you are captivated by our luminescent Pyramid Epicentre and its perimeter-wide statues of Ancient Egyptian Deities. Didactic-U, offering Contrarian Edification for a new world and our Alternative Centre of Healing Education ACHE align both sides of this Timeless and Monumental Structure.

Thought-provoking hallucinations fill your mind as you rocket past translucent water channel arch bridge systems, castle dome homes, ancient historical artifacts, partially submerged Spanish Galleons and conch shell amphitheatres extending out and over our city water channels, including marine style accommodations throughout…strategically positioned Gazebo style Knowledge Centres and Coherence Zones you read about that provide live instruction on ancient healing modalities, martial and performing arts

Mesmerizing amenities of boulder-size Crystals emitting warm, mood enhancing hypnotic light, accompanied by the tranquil soothing ambience of whistling tree frogs, your guidebook so eloquently described.

The ancient name Halcyon was chosen to distinguish our Identity as a calm, peaceful, happy, golden, joy-filled, prosperous and affluent City Community…

What if…

You can change the story of who you are simply by enrolling with a “Laser Focused Altruistic Crew”, colour blind to race, ego’s in check, seeking to Build Better Worlds?

We live on a planet that’s moved by connection placing emphasis on the importance of Community. A Community where we play and practise at the edge of our limits, where we are our only competition Challenging Ourselves to Become More.

People network connection with World map point and line composition. Illustration.

A place to discover fresh new concepts and paradigms from curious minds Living in the Moment while possessing a sense of wonder with the future in mind. Where we Meta-Learn from one another through close interaction and empathetic hearts holding each other to a higher standard by Applying Action not Talk.

An Undaunted Crew Character permits us to forge ahead together and to never look back except to reflect upon how far we’ve come. At NSH everyone is leading and exemplifies the synergy connection as we Co-Create opportunity and value that all that growing together provides.

Our Guild perpetually disrupts and innovates the paradigm of Community to enhance the evolution of Humanity while Transforming Lives in the process as we offer our Humanitarian Culture into Communities World-Wide.

We aim to seed Mother Earth’s New Blue Zones, destined to become a Planetary Gathering Portal exemplifying leadership, philanthropism, contrarian edification, ethical business practise and spiritual healing.

A Sanctuary of Hope that energizes the very atmosphere where Harmony and Joy in living becomes the standard of daily experience…An environment amid Awe- Inspiring Sun Rises and Sunsetsthat take your breath away…Where Freedom feels as real as the breath of a salty breeze from an ocean surf on a sandy shore engulfed in sun-filled skies…or, maybe its the ambiance of Majestic Mountains with their refreshing pristine air and year round ambient temperature air

Prepare yourself for a Pre Pharaonic-Antediluvian World where Humanity flourished and Spirituality reigned, when cultures, religions, societies and politics were the forefront of major change…where the Future Meets the Past!


There are two basic choices in life, Growth or Fear…
In order to Grow we must remain ahead of the crowd…Why?
Doing what everyone else always does keeps you where everyone else always is.

The story behind every “Individual’s Challenge” is uniquely significant and contributes greatly to the Human Database of Universal Conciousness. Here at New Shore Halcyon we are working at generating a movement for the greatest good.
You are encouraged to “Journal Your Journey” to help enhance our unique “NSH Database” and perpetually Pay Life Forward. No matter how insignificant you may believe the life circumstances you have overcome, there are many others currently challenged in dealing with this same or similar issue.
NSH is a Co-Creative Coherent Collective riding perpetual waves of momentum, believing in a dream we unselfishly share with everyone who desires a Long and Prosperous Life. We aim to seed “Mother Earth’s New Blue Zones” and are destined to become a Planetary Gathering Portal exemplifying leadership, philanthropism, contrarian edification, ethical business practise and spiritual healing.
Set sail with us on a Global Mission to unveil our Enhanced Paradigm of Community that exemplifies connection, innovation and self-sustainability for future generations…
Shanghai some friends and enrol in our Community Inspired Omnipresent Nation! Prepare yourself for a Pre-Pharaonic , Antediluvian World when Humanity flourished and Spirituality reigned, when cultures, religions, societies and politics were the forefront of major change…where the Future Meets the Past!
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