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We all need to work on our “ID”~Internal Development.

Our outer-self and world is merely a projection from our brain that looks to confirm its existence…it roots around to find a place to plug-in, in order to ‘fit-in’.

Along the immortal journey of existence it discovers that true essence is ‘oneness’ with the Universe. In those moments of oneness all of our awareness is alerted to and connected to “All That Is”.

Our true essence wants us to hold ourselves to a Higher Ideal and stop allowing the ‘herd’ to do our thinking for us… Thinking is what you choose to think about…Think about that.

This Higher Ideal creates a coherent balance of wholeness and expanded awareness of the “Oneness of our Universe”. To pay that experience forward to all who will listen is a goal worthy of our Higher Self….

Our life experience is created from the choice of the words we use which determine the thoughts we think creating anchored beliefs in the process.

Why not choose to create a unique personality to strive for and develop a new personal reality we want to live for?

WE ALONE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR the LIFE WE LIVE…accept that and move forward.

“All things that live in this world transition into the next. This is why you must find joy in the living present while the time is yours and not fear the other. To deny this is to deny life but to embrace it. Can you embrace it? You are stronger than you think.”~A Monster Calls


To remain completely alert and attentive throughout the day is highly improbable. Learning to be “Present” and consciously aware of what you think about creates understanding and empathy before we respond to the irregularities of life.

In reality, our “internal auto-response system” cuts in and determines our reactions to people and life challenges. This alternative creates chaos and unhappiness because we sincerely believe we are the centre of the Universe and everything else just gets in our way.

Well-grounded people have already learned to actually choose what to think about. They are not on auto-pilot, they are in control. Learning to be “Present” is a life long process.

If you are willing to commit to taking the necessary steps along an immortal life journey. New Shore Halcyon is here to help you customize your future, remember, a new personality creates a new personal reality…Whether it be living on a new continent, career development, relationships etc.

Life Lessons from SETH…

For 5 or 10 minutes a day use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs. Concentrate vividly as possible upon one simple statement, Repeat it over and over while focusing upon it for this time. Disallow distractions, if unable to then channel the images in line with your declaration.

The repetition, verbally or mentally will activate biological patterns and reflect them in your experience. Remember you are using the Present as the moment of Power to insert new beliefs and these will indeed be materialized.

Once the exercise is completed do not dwell upon it. Put it from your mind as you will have used natural hypnosis in a

concentrated form. You may have to experiment for the proper wording. It will take at least three days before you can tell, through results how effective it has been. Spectacular results are possible at once but continue the exercise even if this happens. Inner channels must become re-patterned. Spend 10 minutes maximum because spending more time reinforces the idea of problems involved.

the idea of problems involved.


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