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Why associate TIME with MONEY?

“You can’t save up time…You can’t refuse to spend it…You can’t set it aside. Either you’re spending your time… Or your time is spending you.”  Seth Godin.

We all have the same 24-hour day, so why do some ride waves and others tread water? First and Foremost start saying “NO” to other peoples priorities.

Time Thieves…

  • Commutes
  • Standing in line
  • TV sitcoms
  •  gossiping with “friends”
  •  Work breaks
  • Waiting on hold
  •  Traffic jams
  • Waiting to pick up the kids after school
  •  etc, etc, etc…

Create more “Time” to create more “Money” by using Time more “purposefully”…Why? Doing what everybody else does keeps you where everybody is…”

Carry your laptop, iPad, iPod, note pad or use your cell phone for voice memos and observe these ‘magical minutes’ multiply over time. You are now using Time “on purpose” by “Investing” it in YOU…

This rarely practised secret holds dramatic life changing effects…Or you can keep-on-keeping-on
and remain stuck with everyone else…”we become the choices we make”

Now onto the topic of Money…
Just Over Broke, JOB is an accurate acronym…Stop deluding yourself and cut out those places, people and things slowly stealing your ideal-life dream by making it compelling enough to be worth it!

Pay yourself first, spend less than you earn and invest the difference by making your
money work for you.”

Let’s simplify it and put it into perspective…Try this below from the Wisdom of Seth Godin, an American author and former dot com business executive….

The $37,000 latte…

If you live in the city and grab a coffee or a snack every afternoon for about $4, it’s a vivid example of the cost of debt.

You’re either a little behind or a little ahead.

Over ten years, if you’re funding that daily purchase with ongoing credit card debt, at $1,000 a year, it’ll cost you $24,408.40, and you might never find the means to repay the debt.

On the other hand, if that same $1,000 went into a low-cost investment fund that paid about 7% a year, you’d end up with $13,816.45 in the bank.

That’s because interest compounds. It’s because banks like to charge more than they pay out. And it’s mostly because we’re very aware of the short-term and happily ignore the long term.

now add:
$2000 spent on average for lunch…this equates in the example above to $48,816.80 over 10 years or alternatively $27,636.90 in the bank. Maybe consider making your own lunch and coffee found in your fridge or cupboard?

$6000 spent on transportation averaging 15000 miles or 24000 kilometres annually. Carpooling with one friend saves you another $3000…

We are certain you can find other personal expenditures contributing to the bottom line. But just for example sake lets use the above 3 examples. This averages out to approximately $500/month to invest in yourself and your families future.

Lest we forget, your new Time savings permits you to say good bye to the expensive “Skip the dishes” and Amazons new “Door Dash” delivery services…

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